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Meet The MCo Team


Tiffany Mensah

Chief Executive Officer 

Lead Strategist

Tiffany Mensah, the mastermind behind Mensah & Co., turned her passion for driving business forward into a successful consultancy. With a background in Marketing, Advertising, and Project Management, honed over a 16-year tenure at Fortune 500 firms, Tiffany has developed a toolkit any business would covet. She has cultivated expertise in Brand Strategy and Creative Services, leading to double-digit profitability and strategic insights that saved her previous companies millions. Her prowess is documented in balance sheets and recognized through numerous awards. Yet, Tiffany's vision extended beyond corporate confines. She craved to empower others with her knowledge to help them realize their big-picture visions. Driven by this passion, she birthed Mensah & Co., an agency that fosters business growth, improvement, and success. Here, she employs her seasoned expertise to help companies launch, grow, and evolve, executing their visions with precision and flair. The legacy of Tiffany's career now fuels a firm that builds bridges to success for businesses, affirming her belief in creating opportunities at the table for all.

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AJ Mensah

Chief Operations Officer

AJ Mensah oversees business operations. He provides counsel to achieve agency priorities and business goals. AJ optimizes MCO's operating capabilities while ensuring the implementation of strategies to maximize client satisfaction. He also assists with the company's budget.


AJ has 20+ years of experience working with Business Operations, Customer Service, Finance, and Process Improvement. AJ ensures that MCo provides dynamic customer service that builds partnerships and relationships.  

AJ is also the head visionary of the Mensah home as Tiffany's husband. 


Ashley Sumrall

Content + Digital Strategist

Ashley is MCo's Content & Digital Strategist. She creates messages and perfects your brand messaging while guiding your digital strategy via social media and email marketing.

Ashley is a writing machine who’s an avid book reader with eight+ years as a Finance guru. She is a prime example that regardless of degree and corporate title, the passion of your heart will shine through. Ashley jumped into the marketing world as it's her mission to marry authenticity to digital strategy, designed through the lens of the customer journey and target persona. 


Arica Hanna

Project Manager

Arica is MCo's amazing Project Manager! She's the glue to deadlines and organization. Arica has experience with improving systems for change management to increase workflow and seamless team integration.


Marcus Sumrall

Social Media Manager


 Digital Strategist

Experienced relationship cultivator and manager, with over 10 years of service in the Non-Profit Sector. Marcus works to assist companies and organizations to establish their digital thumbprint across social media channels. 


Rey Contreras

Creative Director

Meet MCo's Creative Mastermind and Director, Rey. He adds the creative finesse to the vision, while handling all things  graphic design, digital ads, trade booth / show materials related plus more!


Rey has 20+ years experience in branding and creative design and has worked with artists such as Donald Lawrence and Eddie James.

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