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Mensah & Co. is the parent company of a hub of companies owned by AJ & Tiffany Mensah. Developed by distilling decades of knowledge and experience into a mission: to empower you, ignite your vision, and bring it into reality with a team of talented freelance specialists. Our sub-businesses are the '& Co.' in Mensah.

AJ and Tiffany Mensah are the formidable duo at the helm of Mensah & Co. With AJ's impressive 36-year corporate journey and Tiffany's rich, almost 20-year experience spanning diverse business sectors, they're not just leaders—they're visionaries. Together, they've distilled decades of knowledge and experience into a mission: to empower you, to ignite your vision, and to bring it into reality. This company reflects their mentor's statement, "It isn't this or that, but this and that."


About The Owners

The MCo Story

In 2018, Mensah & Co. was set into motion with a clear mission: to drive businesses and visionaries ahead with passion and precision with Tiffany Mensah as the Lead Strategist. The commitment wasn't just about laying down strategies but about arming visionaries with tangible, actionable tools that, when implemented, will yield immediate and transformative results. MCO has consistently delivered through the years, leading businesses to soar to double-digit profitability and unveiling insights that have saved companies millions.

The vision of Mensah & Co. was never confined to boardroom charts and corporate metrics. It is bigger and bolder. 


Every venture under the Mensah & Co. umbrella embodies this vision. This business collective, showcasing a spectrum of avenues, is a testament to our multifaceted expertise and birthing sub-businesses that reflect our passions.

Today, Mensah & Co. is more than just a business; its collectives showcase growth, innovation, and success.


We're not here to do business but to redefine it, ensuring equity and excellence for all who connect with us.


Dive into the world of the MCo Strategists and/or Companies needed for your journey to witness firsthand the future of mindful and impactful enterprise design.

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